Hotel Booking Engine


Net360 SA is the official partner of TravelCLICK in Greece. TravelCLICK is the sole provider reservation system (CRS) which provides comprehensive proposal and approach for hotel booking system, taking into account elements of competition, channel management and marketing services along with traditional management solutions bookings. The unique package of benefits TravelCLICK offers hoteliers, the appropriate mix of information and electronic services that will lead to profit.

Hotel Booking System

The system - market leader, iHotelierSM CRS, includes the next generation of electronic hotel booking system, iStaySM. The electronic hotel booking engine iStay is the first online "store" for hotel websites, which offer a choice of appropriate "goods" at the time, to maximize revenue per stay, while offering the best possible experience for the customer.

iStaySM was awarded for the third consecutive time with the Prize Best Hotel and Lodging Interactive Application WebAward from Web Marketing Association (WMA), a worldwide discrimination conquered another year.

Usable Online Hotel Reservation System

The online hotel reservation system we offer is easy to use and in just 2 steps we can get all the information we need.

  • Language
  • Dates
  • Availability
  • Type and room rate
  • Terms & conditions
  • Any discounts and offers
  • Room Photos
  • Total cost of booking

Hotel Booking engine Features

  • Manage all the details of each hotel (eg name, contact information, number of rooms, photos, services etc)
  • Manage the availability of the hotel.
  • Real Time and On Request Bookings
  • B2B and B2C Multiple Reservation Booking Engine System
  • Management of prices and individual bids
  • Distribution and presentation of tourist hotels at predetermined sites
  • Electronic transactions using credit card
  • Management of multi-flat chains sales (B2B & B2C)
  • Interface with GDS